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CSHL Regular Season Scheduling at OBM Strongsville Oct 29

By Michael Goetz, 10/26/22, 7:15PM EDT


14U Bantams 7:45 AM, 12U Peewees 9:15 AM, 10U Squirts 10:45 AM, 8U Mites 12:15 PM

Regular Season Scheduling format this Saturday, October 29, 2022 @ OBM Strongsville

  1. Times
    1. 7:45 AM 14U/Bantams
    2. 9:15 AM 12U/Peewees
    3. 10:45 AM 10U/Squirts
    4. 12:15 PM 08U/Mites
  2. The 90 minutes will roughly follow this schedule:
    1. 15 min – intro, go over process, answer questions
    2. 15 min – coaches go to their division tables and make necessary changes (if any) to scheduled regular season games on gold game change form.  We discourage making any but the most essential changes.  Even if coaches have perfect schedule we want them at the table in case other coaches need to make a change.  Small change here – the coach NOT INTIATING THE CHANGE enters the data on the gold game change form – this is to ensure both coaches are on the same page and avoids a common source of miscommunication.
    3. 15 min – coaches add new scrimmage games to blue game add form. (this is optional).  The home team coach fills out the blue game add form.  Tim/Nick update master schedule from gold game change forms.
    4. 15 min – Tim/Nick update master schedule from blue game add forms, then reprint schedules (removing blackout dates and unused home slots)
    5. 15 min – coaches review of updated schedules for accuracy
    6. 15 min – open time before next group.
  3. Teams must have a coach with scheduling authority (we strongly prefer the head coach) at the scheduling meeting. 
  4. Schedules are sorted chronologically and include games, black-out dates and unused home slots.
  5. The age classification (e.g. 14U) and the division (e.g. AA) and the number of regular season games is listed in column 1.
  6. Regular season games start at 5,001.  Scrimmages added at the scheduling meeting will have game numbers starting with 7,001.
  7. Some teams will have unschedulable games – these are to be fixed first, before anything else.  We have a special arrangement with Fremont for their home game, so we can get referees to go there, so if you have an unschedulable game with Fremont, rearrange your schedule to fit their open home slot.
  8. Some teams will have 2 games in one day, but they will be separated by at least 6 hours.
  9. Some teams will have away games on days they have open home ice, but they will be separated by at least 6 hours.
  10. Most teams have their schedule on two pages – check the back page.
  11. Last day of regular season is Thursday, Feb 16, 2023. 14U, 12U & 10U should not schedule anything past that date.  08U can schedule extra games up to March 15.
  12. Each division table with have a board member as table manager to answer questions and manage the gold change forms and the blue add forms.
  13. We are sending all team schedules with this email.  All teams coaching contacts are on the CSHL website.  We encourage you to look at your schedule before Saturday and if you have a problem, like an unschedulable game, call the other coach and agree on a change before Saturday.  If you do this, don’t send a game change to Don Lewis, just come Saturday and put the agreed change on a gold game change form.
  14. If any program head wants the master game schedule in an excel spreadsheet, just send me an email at and I’ll send it to you.