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Update on the CSHL 2020-21 Preseason, Regular Season and Postseason (updated 10/20/2020)

By Michael Goetz, 10/20/20, 11:15PM EDT


To: the CSHL hockey community

From: the CSHL Board of Directors

Date: 10/16/2020 (Updated 10/20/2020)

Re: Update on the CSHL 2020-21 Preseason, Regular Season and Postseason

After considerable discussion regarding the effect covid is having on hockey in northeast Ohio, the CSHL Board of Directors has adopted the following policies, effective immediately.

1.     Because a significant minority of teams has been unable to play some preseason games because of being quarantined and because of the importance of having a minimum number of games to make the Relative Power Index (RPI) system work well, we are extending the preseason by 2 weeks to Sunday, Nov 8th.  We ask that teams that have postponed or cancelled preseason games use this opportunity to reschedule them.  We need every team to have at least 4 preseason games by November 8th.

2.     The regular season scheduling (“RSS”) meeting is postponed 2 weeks to Saturday, Nov 14.  This meeting will be held virtually via Zoom video conference call.

3.     The age classifications (14U, 12U etc) will be broken into levels of 6 (or 5) teams based on the final RPI.  Each team will play a home and away schedule of 10 games (levels with 6 teams) or 8 games (levels with 5 teams).  The levels with 5 teams will be the lower levels within an age classification.  There will be no petitioning to change levels, however the League will have the right to move team placement to avoid program conflicts (i.e. two program teams in one Division)

4.     Participation in the CSHL 2020-21 regular season is completely optional for programs and teams.  Not participating in 2020-21 will have no effect on 2021-22.  The board just needs to know by the day before the end of the season, Saturday, Nov 7 if a team is withdrawing.

5.     The regular season schedule will be auto-scheduled by the league (like preseason games).  Schedules will be emailed to coaches 1 or 2 days prior to the RSS meeting and can be changed using the regular game change process.  The team that initiates a game change made within 72 hours of the start of a game will be charged $100.

6.     Programs must submit 7 home game slots ( and up to 9 blackout dates) for each team playing in the regular season at least 10 days prior to the RSS meeting, or November 4th.  5 slots will be used for home games and 2 will be returned.

7.     The regular season will run from Thursday, Nov 19 to Thursday, Feb 11.

8.     There will be no playoffs.  A banner will be awarded to the winner of each level. An alternate plan for Playoffs will be developed and reviewed by the leauge and the program heads and monitored for a future decision.

9.     Extra games are discouraged, but not prohibited.  Extra games will not be scheduled at the RSS meeting.  Extra games require referees to be paid cash at the game.

There will be a mandatory Head of Program meeting via Zoom conference call on Tuesday, Oct 20 at 7:00 PM.  We are sorry for the short notice, but you must attend or have a substitute attend the meeting.