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Preseason Zoom Scheduling Information Shared (New 9/26/20)

By Michael Goetz, 09/19/20, 10:45AM EDT


Preseason Scheduling Document Links (New 9/26/20)

Below are links to information shared at preseason scheduling

Click the Item below to go to the link .

  1. Standing Rule ARTICLE V – D.   Post Game Handshake is Suspened for the 2020-21 Season
  2. Standing Rules Link: 
  3. Preseason schedules - Go to your team page 14U   12U    10U   8U
  4. Contact lists - Click Age Group: 14U   12U   10U   8U
  5. Link to Jim Smith’s powerpoint presentation
  6. Click for Link to zoom meeting recording on youtube  
  7. USAH insurance letter
  8. Ohio DOH Directors order dated 8/19/20
  9. Link to dated 8/27/2020
  10. Link to Ohio Coronavirus required Training  (New)

The relevant language therein reads (9th paragraph):


Lt. Governor Husted announced that the current sports order has been modified to clarify that participants shall not compete in more than one contest or game in any calendar day, as compared to the 24-hour period outlined in the original order. The goal of this adjustment in language is to assist organizers and teams when scheduling games or contests.